Friday, June 19, 2009

Talk about old school

This Colnago belongs to Ross Menuez a good family friend who runs and owns the clothing company Salvor. This bike has gone throughout numerous changes. The paint has worn dorn so much bare steel is now exposed. Just shows you what NYC plus kids do to you. Oh and yes that is a babysit attatched to the back.

I feel summer

After a long grueling week of regents I finally feel like school is over and summer has started. Instead of partying i spent some time with India and her son Beo(brother). Walking around Chinatown and the LES I felt a fraction of what its like to be a parent, good and bad.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BMX on the agenda

Lately I've been bmxing alot, I think its a combination of hanging at Dah Shop and just been having alot of fun with it. Also I've been watching the AM:PM video which is filmed in Nyc with a majority of ny riders. Really dope stuff

I only know a couple of other kids who bmx, one of my very good friends Andy came to build a new front wheel and snapped some very nice shots of me.

Shot of me mid table top

New wheel, green and white spokes laced to white Gsport Hub on Purple Animal Rim. Woot!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


From left to right (Brendan, Ridley, Mike, Seether, Sirap, Greg, Dyrus

The infamous Washup crew, straight up killers out of Tribeca.Surprisingly they were all pretty comfortable with me shooting them. Nice to have shot you guys. Thank you MYAN

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Be Happy!

Dylon with his braces off finally. Congratulations buddy.

Life is precious, especially fingers

Rushing to a party like i usually do I skitched on to the wheel fender of a cab. Slamming on the accelerator the cab jumped forward almost throwing me off. The force sliced my finger open. Id like to thank Starbucks for helping me with my wound and forgiving me for getting blood on their floor.

Life is precious part 2

The other day I bumped into my friend Darius who has been fighting testicular cancer. He has undergone chemotherapy and is almost done with his treatment. He showed me this insane cut that he got from a procedure he recently gotten. I made the mistake of saying how he should lose some weight to only find out it from his intestines from swelling. I respect him alot for going through this strong and still being himself. Smiling and all.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Back on track

So its more than a year since i posted but i am back on track. Not only with blogging but with some photography. Lately Ive been caring around my G10 everywhere i go taking pictures of people and places. Here are a couple shots from the past 5 days.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Let it begin

From hearing from so many adults tell their childhood stories i decided to document my up in this city. Being a teenager so far has been one of the most scariest,funniest, worst, memorable times. I realized that never again will i be at a point in my life like this again. So here we go.